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Please read this carefully. These are the terms and conditions on which you may use the dsct.com Website and the Content available on it. By accessing dsct.com you agree to the terms and conditions below.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions (or are not authorized to do so) you are not entitled to use dsct.com. If you have any questions please contact admin@dsct.com.

1 General Conditions

1.1 Corporate Information

Dsct.com is operated by

Spirit Link GmbH
Paul-Gordan-Straße 13
91052 Erlangen
Phone: +49 (0) 9131 97792 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 9131 97792 – 57
E-Mail: info@spiritlink.de
Web: www.spiritlink.de

1.2 Partner dsct.com

Siemens AG, Department Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany, is partner of the Website dsct.com. Notwithstanding this partnership Siemens does not have any influence on the Content on dsct.com.

1.3 Changes of Terms and Conditions

Spirit Link may change, alter, suspend or withdraw these terms and conditions. Spirit Link will publish details of any changes to the terms and conditions in section 9 below. The User should regularly check section 9 of these terms and conditions to see if any changes have been made.

By using dsct.com after Spirit Link has posted the changes, the User is agreeing to be bound by them. If the User does not agree to the changes he should cease using dsct.com.

2 Services of Spirit Link

2.1 Description of Services

Spirit Link operates the Website dsct.com as a weblog in order to enable the exchange of scientific information and news with respect to dual-source CT technology („DSCT“) among medical experts.

This Website is dedicated to medical experts only. This Website is not addressed to public in general, e.g. consumers or patients. Medical consultation will not be provided on this Website.

All information contained on the Website dsct.com is offered for information and discussion purposes only and not for commercial use. Especially, but without limitation such information cannot be regarded as instruction or recommendation for medical purposes. Every physician shall use the DSCT at his own risk and responsibility.

2.2 Publication of Medical Contributions

Medical Experts who have entered into a separate publishing agreement with Spirit Link (hereinafter referred to as “Experts”), publish medical contributions with respect to DSCT. These Experts are sole and entire responsible for the Content of their medical contributions.

2.3 Comments and Questions

Medical experts who have not entered into a separate publishing agreement with Spirit Link (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) may comment the expert contributions mentioned in sec. 2.2. They also may ask questions to the Experts with respect to DSCT. For details refer to sec. 3.2.

By accepting these terms and conditions the User agrees to be a medical expert.

2.4 Website Design and Operation of the Website

Spirit Link shall design the Website in its sole discretion. Spirit Link is entitled to modify, restrain, expand or cease its services at any time. Spirit Link is free to provide its services and is entitled to engage third parties in order to render these services.

Users are not entitled to ask for constant availability regarding the services of Sprit Link.

2.5 Monitoring of the Website

It is not possible for Spirit Link to fully and effectively monitor the Website dsct.com at all times and detect when messages or comments may infringe the copyright of a third party or other third party rights.

If the User believes that some Content of the Website dsct.com infringes any legal rights that the User or a third party may have, the User should notify Spirit Link immediately with specific details by contacting Spirit Link at admin@dsct.com.

Spirit Link is entitled to take all appropriate measures to ensure the compliance of the Users with the regulations of these terms and conditions. Therefore Spirit Link is entitled to edit, remove, refuse or delete Content in its sole discretion without prior notice to the User.

3 Duties of Users

3.1 Use of the Website

3.1.1 Permitted Use:

All Content provided on the Website dsct.com is owned by the Experts or Spirit Link as licensor of the Experts. The User may for his personal, non-commercial use:

  • retrieve and display the provided Content on any compatible device;
  • print a single copy of individual articles on paper (but not photocopy them);
    • remove the copyright or trade mark notice from any copies of the provided Content; or
    • create a database in electronic or structured manual form by systematically and/or regularly downloading, caching, printing and storing all or any of the provided Content (by spidering or otherwise); or
    • frame, harvest or scrape the provided Content or otherwise access the provided Content for similar purposes.
    • may not remove, distort or otherwise alter the size or appearance of the logo;
    • must not misrepresent its relationship with Spirit Link and the Website dsct.com or present false information about Spirit Link and the Website dsct.com;
    • must not be a site or service that infringes any intellectual property or other right of any person or that otherwise does not comply with all relevant laws and regulations;
    • must not be a site or service that contains Content that could be construed as distasteful or offensive.
    • First Name,
    • name,
    • occupation,
    • institution,
    • e-mail-address, and
    • his question or comment
    • write and send any Message containing any form of advertising or promotion for goods and services;
    • write and send any Messages which contain confidential information of another party;
    • write and send any Messages that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, indecent, infringe copyright or other rights of third parties or which contain any other form of illegal Content;
    • disguise the origin of the Messages;
    • impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent any affiliation with any person or entity;
    • write and send any Messages unrelated to the topic of the Website dsct.com;
    • write and send any messages that contain software viruses, files or code designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of dsct.com or any computer software or equipment;
    • restrict or inhibit any other User from using the Website dsct.com

  • 3.1.2 Restrictions on Use:

    The User may not use dsct.com for any unlawful purpose. Except as expressly set out above, the user may not copy, reproduce, publish, broadcast, transmit, modify, adapt, create derivative works of, store, archive, publicly display or in any way commercially exploit any of the provided Content. Especially, but without limitation, the User may not do any of the following without prior written permission of the Experts or Spirit Link:

    3.1.3 Linking:

    If the User would like to link to dsct.com, the User must read and comply with the following guidelines and all applicable laws. A site or service that links to dsct.com:

    Spirit Link expressly reserves the right to require that any link in breach of these terms and conditions be removed and to take whatever other action it deems appropriate.

    3.2 Comments to expert Contributions, Questions to the Experts

    Dsct.com is designed as Weblog and therefore allows interaction between Experts and Users of the Website by commenting Expert contributions and by asking Experts. This process is designed as follows:

    The User has to enter the following information into the respective form on the Website:

    (hereinafter referred to as “Message”).

    The Message has to comply with the following rules. The User may not:

    The User is sole responsible for the Content of his Messages.

    3.3 Indemnification

    The User represents and warrants that all of the information provided by him is correct and current. By submitting messages to Spirit Link the User agrees to indemnify Spirit Link from all claims, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) arising out of any Messages posted or published by the User that are in breach of this section.

    4 Grant of Rights of Use

    By submitting Messages according to section 3.2 the User is granting Spirit Link a worldwide perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, translate, make available, distribute and sub-license the Message in whole or in part and in any form or media. This may include personal information such as the User name and alias and the User’s expressions of opinion. By submitting Messages according to section 3.2 the User is assuring to have all these rights.

    5 Privacy Policy, Data Protection

    All information received by the User will be processed by Spirit Link in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    By providing the email-address the User agrees to receive e-mails from Spirit Link.

    6 Liability of Spirit Link

    Spirit Link’s liability shall be limited to intent and gross negligence.

    Especially, but without limitation Spirit Link is not liable for loss, delay, detention, alteration, manipulation and / or misdirection of emails and / or data during data entry, data collection, data communication and / or data storage being caused by data networks or telephone lines of third parties, especially by the internet or the www, or being caused by hardware and / or software of the Users or third parties; this applies especially regarding defective, missing, disconnected or deleted data.

    Spirit Link is not liable for external links.

    7 Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

    7.1 Governing Law

    The validity, construction and performance of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The rules of the Convention of International Sales of Goods (CISG) as well as Conflict of Law Provisions of German law shall not apply.

    7.2 Jurisdiction

    To the extent possible in the applicable jurisdiction, the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of Germany shall (subject to the paragraph below) have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these terms and conditions.

    8 Severability

    In the event one of the provisions of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall maintain their validity.

    This shall also apply to any loophole within these terms and conditions. Instead of an invalid or unenforceable provision or to fill the loophole, a reasonable provision shall apply which – insofar as legally possible – comes closest to fulfilling the original intention the parties had considered.

    9 Changes of Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions were published on November 24th 2007.

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