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Unenhanced third-generation dual-source chest CT using a tin filter for spectral shaping at 100 kVp

posted by Thomas Henzler, MD | Dec 21, 2017
Thomas Henzler, MD

To prospectively investigate image quality and radiation dose of 100 kVp spectral shaping chest CT using a dedicated tin filter on a 3rd generation dual-source CT (DSCT) in comparison to standard100 kVp chest CT. Read more

Low-dose abdominal CT for detection of urinary stone disease – Impact of additional spectral shaping of the X-ray beam on image quality and dose

posted by Ralf Bauer, M.D. | Sep 9, 2016
Ralf Bauer, M.D.

Objective: To evaluate a novel tin filter-based abdominal CT protocol for urolithiasis in terms of image quality and CT dose parameters. Read more

Ultralow-Dose Chest CT for Pulmonary Nodule Detection: First Performance Evaluation of Single Energy Scanning With Spectral Shaping

posted by Sebastian Leschka, M.D. | Jul 1, 2014
Sebastian Leschka, M.D.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the image quality and sensitivity of ultralow radiation dose single-energy CT with tin filtration for spectral shaping and iterative reconstructions for the detection of pulmonary nodules in a phantom setting. Read more

Virtual Nonenhanced Dual-Energy CT Urography with Tin-Filter Technology: Determinants of Detection of Urinary Calculi in the Renal Collecting System.

posted by Martin Heuschmid, M.D. | Sep 10, 2012
Martin Heuschmid, M.D.

To retrospectively determine which features of urinary calculi are associated with their detection after virtual elimination of contrast medium at dual-energy CT urography by using a novel tin filter. Read more

Automatic bone and plaque removal using dual energy CT for head and neck angiography: feasibility and initial performance evaluation

posted by Martin Heuschmid, M.D. | Jun 20, 2011
Martin Heuschmid, M.D.

We sought to evaluate the feasibility and efficiency of dual energy (DE) bone and plaque removal in head and neck CT angiography. Read more

Differentiation of urinary calculi with dual energy CT: effect of spectral shaping by high energy tin filtration

posted by Martin Heuschmid, M.D. | May 25, 2011
Martin Heuschmid, M.D.

The aim of this in vitro study was to examine the influence of an additional tin filter for the differentiation of human urinary calculi by dual energy CT. Read more

Dual-energy CT with tin filter technology for the discrimination of renal lesion proxies containing blood, protein, and contrast-agent. An experimental phantom study

posted by Sebastian Leschka, M.D. | Apr 4, 2011
Sebastian Leschka, M.D.

To differentiate proxy renal cystic lesions containing protein, blood, iodine contrast, or saline solutions using dual-energy CT (DECT) equipped with a new tin filter technology (TFT). Read more

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