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Dual-energy CT quantitative imaging: a comparison study between twin-beam and dual-source CT scanners

posted by | Oct 12, 2017

To assess image quality and to quantify the accuracy of relative electron densities (ρe ) and effective atomic numbers (Zeff ) for three dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) scanners: a novel single-source split-filter (i.e., twin-beam) and two dual-source scanners. Read more

Dual Energy- Single Source vs Dual Source

posted by Pal Suranyi, M.D., PhD | Sep 29, 2009
Pal Suranyi, M.D., PhD

The following question has been sent by Daniel Newman: I am asked frequently about the difference between dual energy and dual source.  It seems that for most people the terms are interchangeble.  However, not all CT systems utilize 2 tubes.  Can you explain to me the pros and cons of each … Read more

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