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Patient Size-Specific Analysis of Dose Indexes From CT Lung Cancer Screening

posted by | Nov 23, 2017

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently approved the use of low-dose CT for lung cancer screening and described volumetric CT dose index (CTDIvol) requirements. These were based on the National Lung Screening Trial, which used only fixed-tube-current techniques. The aim of this study was to evaluate … Read more

Detecting Intracranial Hemorrhage Using Automatic Tube Current Modulation With Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction in Unenhanced Head Single- and Dual-Energy Dual-Source CT

posted by Julian L. Wichmann, M.D. | Nov 9, 2017
Julian L. Wichmann, M.D.

The purpose of our study was to determine diagnostic accuracy, image quality, and radiation dose of low-dose single- and dual-energy unenhanced third-generation dual-source head CT for detection of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). Read more

Low-dose abdominal CT for detection of urinary stone disease – Impact of additional spectral shaping of the X-ray beam on image quality and dose

posted by Ralf Bauer, M.D. | Sep 9, 2016
Ralf Bauer, M.D.

Objective: To evaluate a novel tin filter-based abdominal CT protocol for urolithiasis in terms of image quality and CT dose parameters. Read more

Low-Dose CT of Paranasal Sinuses: Minimizing X-Ray Exposure with Spectral Shaping.

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Sep 2, 2016
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

Objective: This study’s aim was to investigate dose and image quality of tin filtration at 100 kV for pre-operative planning in low-dose paranasal CT imaging in a large patient cohort. Read more

Very low-dose (0.15 mGy) chest CT protocols using the COPDGene 2 test object and a third-generation Dual-Source CT scanner with corresponding third-generation iterative reconstruction software.

posted by | Apr 28, 2016

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of ultralow radiation dose single-energy computed tomographic (CT) acquisitions with Sn prefiltration and third-generation iterative reconstruction on density-based quantitative measures of growing interest in phenotyping pulmonary disease. Read more

Case: Coronary CTA: low dose sequence in circumflex artery stenosis

posted by Stephan Achenbach, M.D. | Oct 20, 2015
Stephan Achenbach, M.D.
  • 03_Low dose coronary CTA
  • 02_Low dose coronary CTA
  • 01_Low dose coronary CTA
  • Low dose coronary CTA

Coronary CTA: low dose sequence in circumflex artery stenosis Read more

Iterative reconstruction

posted by Ronald Booij | Sep 30, 2015
Ronald Booij

Iterative reconstruction has been made available for practical use in the last few years. Iterative reconstruction techniques (IR) can increase image quality with equal dose or potentially get similar image quality as in filtered back-projection (FBP) with less dose. Read more

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