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High-pitch spiral CT: effect on image quality and radiation dose in pediatric chest CT

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Oct 26, 2017
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

Computed tomography (CT) is considered the method of choice in thoracic imaging for a variety of indications. Sedation is usually necessary to enable CT and to avoid deterioration of image quality because of patient movement in small children. We evaluated a new, subsecond high-pitch scan mode (HPM), which obviates the … Read more

Estimation and comparison of effective dose (E) in standard chest CT by organ dose measurements and dose-length-product methods and assessment of the influence of CT tube potential (energy dependency) on effective dose in a dual-source CT.

posted by Ralf Bauer, M.D. | Dec 13, 2016
Ralf Bauer, M.D.

Purpose: To determine effective dose (E) during standard chest CT using an organ dose-based and a dose-length-product-based (DLP) approach for four different scan protocols including high-pitch and dual-energy in a dual-source CT scanner of the second generation. Read more

Automated tube voltage selection in thoracoabdominal CT at high pitch using a third-generation dual-source scanner: image quality and radiation dose performance

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Jul 29, 2015
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

Automated tube voltage adaptation combined with high-pitch protocols allows for a substantial radiation dose reduction while substantially increasing the image quality, even at large-volume exposure. Read more

Energy Limits in Second Generation High-pitch Dual Source CT – Comparison in an Upper Abdominal Phantom

posted by Josef Matthias Kerl, M.D. | Jun 12, 2015
Josef Matthias Kerl, M.D.

The aim of our study was to find out how much energy is applicable in second-generation dual source high-pitch CT in imaging of the abdomen. Read more

High-pitch coronary CT angiography at 70 kVp with low contrast medium volume: comparison of 80 and 100 kVp high-pitch protocols

posted by Carlo Nicola De Cecco, M.D., PhD | Apr 1, 2015
Carlo Nicola De Cecco, M.D., PhD

The purpose of this article is to evaluate image quality and radiation dose of prospectively ECG-triggered high-pitch coronary CT angiography at 70 kVp and 30 mL contrast medium. Read more

CT dose reduction using prospectively triggered or fast-pitch spiral technique employed in cardiothoracic imaging (the CT dose study)

posted by Sandra Simon Halliburton, Ph.D. | Dec 18, 2014
Sandra Simon Halliburton, Ph.D.

Use of advanced scanners facilitating prospectively triggered or high-pitch spiral scan modes results in marked dose reduction across a variety of cardiovascular studies, with no compromise in image quality. Read more

High-pitch coronary CT angiography with third generation dual-source CT: limits of heart rate

posted by Hatem Alkadhi, M.D., M.P.H., E.B.C.R. | Jul 28, 2014
Hatem Alkadhi, M.D., M.P.H., E.B.C.R.

Third-generation dual-source 192-slice CT allows for coronary angiography in the prospectively ECG-gated high-pitch mode with diagnostic image quality at HR up to 70 bpm. HRV is not significantly related to image quality of coronary CTA. Read more

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