Dynamic CT myocardial perfusion imaging.

posted by Carlo Nicola De Cecco, M.D., PhD | Mar 27, 2017

Non-invasive cardiac imaging has rapidly evolved during the last decade due to advancements in CT based technologies. Coronary CT angiography has been shown to reliably assess coronary anatomy and detect high risk coronary artery disease. However, this technique is limited to anatomical assessment, thus non-invasive techniques for functional assessment of the heart are necessary. CT myocardial perfusion is a new CT based technique that provides functional assessment of the myocardium and allows for a comprehensive assessment of coronary artery disease with a single modality when combined with CTA. This review aims to discuss dynamic CT myocardial perfusion as a new technique in the assessment of CAD.


Authors: Caruso D1, Eid M2, Schoepf UJ3, Jin KN4, Varga-Szemes A2, Tesche C5, Mangold S6, Spandorfer A2, Laghi A7, De Cecco CN2.

Full text available at: Eur J Radiol. 2016 Oct;85(10):1893-9.

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