Dual Energy CT – Renal Stone Composition

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Sep 26, 2008

The following question has been sent by Dr. Ravi Mahal, Radiologist, Boca Radiology Group, USA:

We have been using the DECT for Urinary stone composition for the past 6 months.  Recently I had a case where a patient had 2 stones of different compositions; a right uric acid stone and a left CaOx stone.  The composition was \’confirmed\’ with HU Overlay values using the syNgro software.  Was wondering if this is even physiologically possible?  Have you run into patients with 2 different stone compositions?

Savvas Nicolaou, MD, University of British Columbia, Canada:

Yes it is possible  to have stones with different composition.
We have seen the same stone have a combination of calcium and uric acid that was  confirmed pathologically

 thank you
 Dr Savvas Nicolaou

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