Artifacts in dual-energy CT gout protocol: a review of 50 suspected cases with an artifact identification guide

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Mar 10, 2015

The objective of our study was to discover the types and incidence of artifacts in dual-energy CT (DECT) using datasets of 50 consecutive patients who underwent a four-limb DECT protocol for the evaluation of suspected gout. Identification of artifacts and techniques for artifact reduction are discussed.

Artifacts commonly occur in DECT performed for gout assessment but are usually readily recognizable. For 90% of the patients in our study who underwent imaging for suspected gout, DECT showed some type of artifact, with nail bed and skin artifacts being the most common.

Authors: Mallinson PI, Coupal T, Reisinger C, Chou H, Munk PL, Nicolaou S, Ouellette H.

Full text available at: AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2014 Jul;203(1):W103-9.

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