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Contrast medium application in pediatric high-pitch cardiovascular CT angiography: manual or power injection?

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Jan 30, 2015
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

There is considerable controversy about the administration of contrast medium in infants and small children, with either a power injector or a manual (hand) injection. Read more

High pitch, low voltage dual source CT pulmonary angiography: assessment of image quality and diagnostic acceptability with hybrid iterative reconstruction

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Jan 27, 2015
Savvas Nicolaou, M.D.

Increased use of CT Pulmonary angiography in suspected pulmonary embolism (PE) has driven research to minimize radiation dose while maintaining image quality and diagnostic accuracy. Read more

Dose reduction in CT of the chest: image quality of iterative reconstructions at a 50% radiation dose compared to filtered back projection at a 100% radiation dose

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Jan 23, 2015
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of iterative reconstruction (IR) in chest CT to reduce radiation exposure. Read more

Single-portal-phase low-tube-voltage dual-energy CT for short-term follow-up of acute pancreatitis: evaluation of CT severity index, interobserver agreement and radiation dose

posted by Julian L. Wichmann, M.D. | Jan 20, 2015
Julian L. Wichmann, M.D.

Low-tube-voltage single-phase 100-kVp CT provides sufficient information for follow-up evaluation of acute pancreatitis and significantly reduces radiation exposure. Read more

Cardiac CT and echocardiographic evaluation of peri-device flow after percutaneous left atrial appendage closure using the AMPLATZER cardiac plug device

posted by Hatem Alkadhi, M.D., M.P.H., E.B.C.R. | Jan 16, 2015
Hatem Alkadhi, M.D., M.P.H., E.B.C.R.

The present study evaluates for the first time peri-device flow after LAA closure by AMPLATZER-Cardiac-Plug (ACP) using a combined cardiac-CT and TEE follow-up. Read more

Initial results of a new generation dual source CT system using only an in-plane comb filter for ultra-high resolution temporal bone imaging

posted by Thomas Henzler, MD | Jan 12, 2015
Thomas Henzler, MD

To prospectively evaluate radiation dose and image quality of a third generation dual-source CT (DSCT) without z-axis filter behind the patient for temporal bone CT. Read more

Cusp thrombosis after transcatheter aortic valve replacement detected by CT and echocardiography

posted by Gregor Pache, M.D. | Jan 8, 2015
Gregor Pache, M.D.

An 86-year-old male underwent transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) for severe aortic stenosis with an Edwards Sapien 29 mm XT valve and percutaneous coronary intervention simultaneously. – with protocol! Read more

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