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Case: Low dose cardiac scan with Definition Force

posted by U. Joseph Schoepf, M.D. | Mar 4, 2015
U. Joseph Schoepf, M.D.
  • Fig 1 Low dose cardiac scan with Definition Force
  • Fig 2 Low dose cardiac scan with Definition Force
  • Fig 3 Low dose cardiac scan with Definition Force
  • Fig 4 Low dose cardiac scan with Definition Force

We present the case of a patient examined with third-generation dual-source turbo flash coronary CT angiography with simultaneous application of multiple techniques to reduce radiation dose resulting in an effective dose of 0.37 mSv. Read more

Half-dose non-contrast CT in the investigation of urolithiasis: image quality improvement with third-generation integrated circuit CT detectors

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Mar 2, 2015
Savvas Nicolaou, M.D.

Third-generation IC detectors result in lower objective image noise at full- and half-radiation dose levels as compared with traditional DC detectors. Read more

Coronary Artery Calcification Scoring with State-of-the-Art CT Scanners from Different Vendors Has Substantial Effect on Risk Classification

posted by Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, M.D., PhD | Feb 27, 2015
Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, M.D., PhD

Among individuals at intermediate cardiovascular risk, state-of the-art CT scanners made by different vendors produced substantially different Agatston scores, which can result in reclassification of patients to the high- or low-risk categories in up to 6.5% of cases. Read more

Special image: Quadricuspid aortic valve with central, severe regurgitation

posted by Stephan Achenbach, M.D. | Feb 23, 2015

To view this exceptional image, click on title. Read more

Dual-energy CT increases reader confidence in the detection and diagnosis of hypoattenuating pancreatic lesions

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Feb 17, 2015
Savvas Nicolaou, M.D.

To prospectively compare detection and reader confidence of pancreatic lesions using a standard MDCT imaging protocol to a DECT imaging protocol with additional virtual non-contrast series. Read more

Interobserver variability of CT angiography for evaluation of aortic annulus dimensions prior to transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

posted by Michael M. Lell, M.D. | Feb 13, 2015
Michael M. Lell, M.D.

Contrast-enhanced multidetector CT allows 3-D assessment of aortic annulus dimensions. Only limited data exist about its interobserver variability. Read more

Dual-energy CT virtual noncalcium algorithm for detection of bone marrow edema in acute fractures: early experiences

posted by Savvas Nicolaou, M.D. | Feb 10, 2015
Savvas Nicolaou, M.D.

Dual-energy CT may provide a convenient modality for further characterizing acute bony injury when MRI is not readily available. Read more

Sebastian Leschka, M.D.

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Expert in CTA, emergency radiology, abdominal imaging

Martin Heuschmid, M.D.

Professor of radiology –
Expert in CTA, cardiac imaging, CT oncology

Thorsten R. C. Johnson, M.D.

Professor of radiology –
Expert in dual energy CT, coronary CTA, heart valves, myocardial wall motion, chest pain assessment

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